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For sale: Timex Ironman Watch
CREATED: 12/29/11 by miataj REPLIES:
miataj's ravatar miataj    JOINED: 3/5/11    POSTS: 221
For sale: Timex Ironman Watch
POSTED: 12/29/11 9:06 PM

Hey everyone - I received a Timex Ironman Global Trainer watch around the holidays. I have only opened up the box to try it on, but it has never been used, and has been put back in the box like it was never opened. The only reason I do not want it is because it is bigger than my wrist. It has tremendous capabilities, of which I don't know how to use the functionality just yet. It has four data windows that give you pace, distance, time and heart rate, and has a bunch of other features. The retail price is $250, but I am selling it for $200. Let me know if you're interested, and I can send you more details about the watch, and we can figure out the details to send it your way.

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