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Thank You From ACHIEVE Kids Tri!
CREATED: 04/25/11 by harburgm REPLIES:
harburgm's ravatar harburgm    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 94
Thank You From ACHIEVE Kids Tri!
POSTED: 4/25/11 3:31 PM

Dear DC Tri Club,

Thank you for coming out last Thursday to attend the 2nd Annual Multi-Sport Club Mixer and ACHIEVE Happy Hour. The event was a great success with around 200 people in and out throughout the entire evening.

We raised around $3300 thanks to all the people that bought raffle tickets and a generous donation by High Cloud Foundation. This money will be used to give the opportunity of a free six-week summer camp to at-risk youth in Washington DC to teach them nutrition, fitness and lifelong exercise habits through the sport of triathlon.

Please "like" the Facebook page too!

Thanks again and hopefully see you around,

Michelle Harburg
Program Director, ACHIEVE Kids Tri

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