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New Member and New to D.C.
CREATED: 03/06/11 by dyuan REPLIES: 1
dyuan's ravatar dyuan    JOINED: 3/6/11    POSTS: 1
New Member and New to D.C.
POSTED: 3/06/11 9:58 PM

Hi Everyone,

My name's Doug -- just moved here last week from NY. Enjoying the area so far, but do miss my tri friends quite a bit. Have been doing tris since '06 and did my first half IM last year. I was a coach with Team in Training (not a reflection of ability, more a reflection of my patience and enthusiasm) and met some great friends through TNT. I live in NW D.C. (Woodley Park)-- I've started swimming at Wilson and have figured out some good run routes, but have no clue where to ride. Would love to meet some fun people in the area to train and socialize with. Look forward to meeting you all!


mosered's ravatar mosered    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 2217
RE: New Member and New to D.C.
POSTED: 3/07/11 9:20 AM

Doug: There are regular Saturday and Sunday rides leaving from near you in Georgetown and up into Maryland. Also there'll be early morning rides starting up soon at Hains Point. Check the forum for these and more.

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