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Chestertown DRAGONFLY Sprint Tri
CREATED: 05/12/10 by lynnron1 REPLIES:
lynnron1    JOINED: 5/12/10    POSTS: 2
Chestertown DRAGONFLY Sprint Tri
POSTED: 5/12/10 5:16 PM

Sprint Tri to benefit a Camp for kid's recovering from cardiac, pulmonary surgeries. Kid's with cardiac pumps get to enjoy canoeing, hiking, and camping under the supervision of cardiac specialists and nurses. The town of Chestertown is excited about this event to support a local charity and some of their own residents.
When: 27 June
Where: Wilmer Park, Chestertown, MD
What: .5 Mile Swim in the calm Chester river; 18 MIle Bike along picturesque flat rural roads along the river, 3.1 Mile Run through the scenic town of Chestertown


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