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Injury advice: posterior tibial tendonitis?
CREATED: 04/15/13 by acelles REPLIES:
acelles    JOINED: 1/25/12    POSTS: 31
Injury advice: posterior tibial tendonitis?
POSTED: 4/15/13 10:43 AM

Hi folks - I've been trying to work through some issues with posterior tibial tendonitis for a few months now. I'm not having the best luck with PT, and I'm curious to hear if anyone else has dealt with the same injury, and how you got over it.

I'm seeing a physical therapist now, and am in week 5 of twice-weekly sessions, but the tightness/soreness in my ankles is getting worse. I don't have significant pain, but enough discomfort to know that I shouldn't be running. My PT has me doing ankle strengthening exercises along with hip strengthening work. I'm going to Professional Sports Care & Rehab now, and would be open to a new PT if anyone has suggestions (preferably in-network for Care First Blue Choice HMO).

If anyone's gone through this same injury, I'd be grateful for your two cents!


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