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new tri bike
CREATED: 11/27/10 by msgibson123 REPLIES: 3
msgibson123's ravatar msgibson123    JOINED: 6/16/10    POSTS: 19
new tri bike
POSTED: 11/27/10 8:39 PM

I'm looking to get a tri bike; nothing too expensive, nothing super high end and flashy. I was looking today at a Kestrel Talon 105 tri bike for a pretty decent price. Anyone know anything about this bike? Any other suggestions or tips for buying?


lieutenantmudd's ravatar lieutenantmudd    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 68
RE: new tri bike
POSTED: 11/27/10 9:39 PM

I'm really happy with my Cervelo P1. Really nice aluminum frame with Ultregra/FSA/OEM parts. Cervelos were on sale at Conte's for 20% off two week ago. Still might be.

cjvanhorne    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 7
RE: new tri bike
POSTED: 11/28/10 7:30 AM

I would definitely take it for a ride, especially to see if you fit well on the bike in the aero position so that you are comfortable enough to stay in the aero position while at race effort since that aero position is a main benefit of tri bikes.

dbowe's ravatar dbowe    JOINED: 9/7/09    POSTS: 137
RE: new tri bike
POSTED: 11/28/10 8:18 AM

I ride a Spesh Transition and I like it. But if I change bikes I'd get one that can accommodate 2 water bottles on the seat and down tubes. Bikes with the curved seat tube usually can only hold one. Otherwise you should be concerned about fit and components. 105 is fine.

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