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Profile Design Clip-on Aero-Bars - you choose the price!
CREATED: 03/13/12 by MaggieR REPLIES:
MaggieR    JOINED: 6/10/10    POSTS: 9
Profile Design Clip-on Aero-Bars - you choose the price!
POSTED: 3/13/12 6:46 PM

Profile Design: Used for one "season" (2 races), perfect condition, purchased from Conte's summer 2010. Great for someone just getting into tris or looking for a cost-effective way to add free speed to their road-bike. Originally $128 but willing to sell to the person who donates the most to the Ulman Cancer Foundation* (charity of the Hall Full tri and Rev3) and tells me about it :)

seriously, your donation can be $1 and as long as it's the highest offer, they're yours!!

email me at mrrusch at for more details

I can deliver them to you at the Nation's -- excuse me, R&R -- Marathon expo anytime this weekend or at a future club HH of your choosing. let me know!

- Maggie R

*a group from Ulman and the Rev3 team are running across the country starting in Oceanside on March 26th and ending up here in DC on April 16th. We're looking for supporters along the way if anyone wants to tag along!

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