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USA Triathlon Regional Elections Aug 1 - Oct 1
CREATED: 08/03/11 by no-e-plz REPLIES:
no-e-plz's ravatar no-e-plz    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 43
USA Triathlon Regional Elections Aug 1 - Oct 1
POSTED: 8/03/11 4:57 PM

Greetings club membership and congratulations on your amazing showing at this year's Regional Club Championship race. Way to represent DC.

For those unfamiliar with me and my "handle", I'm Cory Churches (the no-e-plz is No E Please as there is no "e" in Cory)

I wanted to bring your attention to an email you should have received recently regarding voting for regional and national council members.

Below is the link that will allow you to vote, as long as you have your election pass code. If you've deleted that e-mail, it can be re-sent to you.

I draw your attention to this election as there are 3 past DC Tri Club presidents currently on the council (myself, Nic Jafarieh and Marc Schneider), two of whom are up for re-election and Otis Hopson, current president of TriUnify who is running as a non-incumbant.

Not to throw Marc under the bus but circumstances have intervened that will make him inelligable to serve on the council next year so I encourage you to cast your votes sooner rather than later to ensure that Otis is elected to serve on the council.

Bob Wendling, long time Mid-Atlantic council member is also up for re-election to the National board and I would highly recommend that you vote for him to serve you well in Colorado. He has done much to move the sport of triathlon regionally and is now representing us well on the National Board.

I would also be honored to serve you again on the council and hope to help bring the regional clubs together to offer a sort of mentorship program to help fledgling clubs learn from more established clubs like DC Tri who foster a good community for multisport.

There are also several measures on the ballot that will change national bylaws, address term limits and shorten the election process. For the most part, they are fairly minor but if you have any questions, I am happy to answer them.

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