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For Rent: Bike Case, NormaTec boots, and more!
CREATED: 10/11/13 by kst718 REPLIES:
kst718's ravatar kst718    JOINED: 8/29/11    POSTS: 110
For Rent: Bike Case, NormaTec boots, and more!
POSTED: 10/11/13 11:49 AM

Why buy when you can rent? This is a great way to test out gear before making a financial commitment, or treating yourself for a special event without making a money or space investment.

* Rustersports Armored Henhouse Bike and Wheel Case: This case fits within checked baggage regulations so you don't have to pay excess baggage fees! Cost: $50/week. More info:

* NormaTec boots: Recover like a pro with these compression boots. Great for pre-race prep and making your legs feel almost normal again post race. Especially helpful if you have two races in one weekend or a long ride/run combo. Cost: $75 for 3 days or $150 for 7 days. More info:

* Climbing Cassettes: Have you ever wanted more gears while climbing a steep hill? Now you can, with either an 11/32 or 11/36 cassette (we have both), including a bad-boy touring derailleur. We used these rigs at IM Tahoe and were easily spinning up 11% hills while others were grimacing, grinding, or walking. Cost: $50/week

* Fluid Bike Trainer: If you're like most triathletes, you need a bike trainer for the winter and then want it banished from your sight forever when you can go outside again. Now that's possible - rent our Kinetic fluid trainer for the winter (dates flexible) and be done with it come spring. Cost: let's make a deal

Contact me at kttobin at gmail dot com

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