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Ride w/ Lance, Aug 22
CREATED: 07/02/10 by JohnGinsberg REPLIES:
JohnGinsberg's ravatar JohnGinsberg    JOINED: 3/29/09    POSTS: 35
Ride w/ Lance, Aug 22
POSTED: 7/02/10 5:30 AM

Join me in Philly for a century with Lance, August 22 ( I plan to test my mettle against that other cancer-survivor cyclist, who'll be in a weakened state from the Tour. The century is 4,300 feet of climbing. I hear great things about the course from reliable sources. You’re welcome to catch a ride with me (at least till the car is full, after which I suppose I could rent something larger). I’ll be heading up on Saturday, staying downtown, feasting Saturday night, driving back Sunday. I may be able to host some folks with family and friends in Philly.

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