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Hilarious article re Wilson Pool debate
CREATED: 09/22/11 by tonigm REPLIES: 1
tonigm's ravatar tonigm    JOINED: 1/1/10    POSTS: 19
Hilarious article re Wilson Pool debate
POSTED: 9/22/11 8:40 PM

No real news in it, but there's a great article on page 1 (continued on page 15) in The Northwest Current entitled, "Debate on Wilson Pool lanes gets heated".

The last three paragraphs:

Proponents of each setup offered petitions as evidence, each with hundreds of signatures, but both sides fought to discount the other's with tensions at the meeting rising quickly between the commission and the predominantly 50-meter-supportive audience.

Many audience members left in the midst of debate, expressing disgust at the meeting's tone and at chair [Jonathan] Bender's move to limit each attendee to one comment.

The police officer, who had attended the [ANC] meeting to present a crime briefing, rebuffed Bender's request for intervention against residents Bender said were speaking out of turn. "I thought an ANC meeting is where they can share their opinions," the officer said. She, too, left early, saying, "If somebody gets assaulted, call me."

Luke's ravatar Luke    JOINED: 11/28/10    POSTS: 423
RE: Hilarious article re Wilson Pool debate
POSTED: 9/23/11 2:43 PM

This part is also pretty humorous:

"But residents who attended the meeting, ranging from the elderly to a second-grader, overwhelmingly disagreed that pool operations need to change. A 50-meter pool is a rare resource, they said, and it should be kept available for swimmers who want it. The District's only other indoor 50-meter pool is in Ward 4's Takoma Aquatic Center, but it is kept in the 25-yard configuration, residents said."

Are we to believe that a 7-year-old stood up and "overwhelmingly disagreed" that we should not shorten the lanes from 50-meters to 25-meters!?! If things change, I guess he'll just have to get his mom to drive him to Ward 4 so he can swim long course!

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