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FS: Brand new CycleOps Magneto Pro Trainer winter training kit
CREATED: 11/28/10 by catgold REPLIES:
catgold's ravatar catgold    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 87
FS: Brand new CycleOps Magneto Pro Trainer winter training kit
POSTED: 11/28/10 6:06 PM

I'm selling a brand new (in box) Cycle Ops Magneto Pro trainer. The Price is $350. The winter training kit includes the SuperMagneto Pro trainer, two climbing blocks, a sweat thong, training DVD and a floor mat. (I've priced these items out separately and the best prices I've seen online are $379 for the trainer, $22 for each block, $50 for the mat, and $19 for the sweat thong; this doesn't count shipping).

Here's the description:

*SuperMagneto Pro combines versatility with an authentic road-like feel. Between seasons, use the SuperMagneto Pro to get in great shape-and stay that way. It offers the most versatility of our trainers. You can adjust the resistance curves to fit a conditioned rider or a less physically fit rider.

* Or modify the curves to fit a big or small rider. And if you plan to share a trainer with another rider, the SuperMagneto Pro is the right choice.

* Like Getting Four Trainers in One - Choose a resistance curve and start riding. Tailor your workout with the SuperMagneto Pro Trainer. It offers four resistance curves: easy, road, interval and mountain. No matter how modest or ambitious your goals, this versatile trainer can help you reach them.

* PowerTuned technology matches flywheel inertia with 4 adjustable and distinct resistance curves. Easy, Flat Road, Interval, Hill

* Lower and wider stance for more stability while sprinting
New single hand, single side bike attachment with self centering cone for easy bike entry

* New single point leveling feature for quicker easier use on uneven surfaces

* Legs lock into position for stability and ease of carrying.

* Unit folds flat for storage under a bed

* Completely pre-assembled units for faster use from the shop floor to your home

* Fits up to 29" wheels

* Real Rides Race Day DVD Included

*Lifetime Manufacturers Warranty

If you're interested, send me an email (catgold-at-gmail-dot-com).

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