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Need trail shoe and store advice
CREATED: 11/11/11 by jonwolfsthal REPLIES: 4
jonwolfsthal's ravatar jonwolfsthal    JOINED: 3/22/09    POSTS: 43
Need trail shoe and store advice
POSTED: 11/11/11 5:27 PM

I have been wearing the same brand/make of show for about 5 years. I recently dropped a bunch of weight and would like to have a new evaluation of what I need, and also to get a pair of trail shoes. I used to go to fleet fleet, but know some of the shops do gait analysis etc. Any good recommendations in the NW DC area?

zenetanar's ravatar zenetanar    JOINED: 5/13/10    POSTS: 35
RE: Need trail shoe and store advice
POSTED: 11/12/11 4:15 PM

I got my trail shoes for a really good price at REI. They are Montratail. Just out of curiousity have you gone to a podiatrist? I had a really off gait and when I went to PR for the gait analysis I was told I needed motion control shoes. During a marathon I broke my foot, and went to a podiatrist who suggested I get custom orthotics which were covered at 90% by my insurance. I haven't had a single running injury since and when I went in after 8 weeks of no running (which by the way is how I got into triathlons -- I had to do SOMETHING during those two months, right?) I ran at PR with the orthotics and they said I could basically wear any neutral shoe -- the orthotics had fixed my gait. My husband just went in and they prescribed him orthotics too -- I personally think anyone who doesn't have a perfect neutral running stride might want to check in with a pod and see if they might be a possibility. I go to Smith and Klein on Old Courthouse Rd in Tysons Corner and they are fantastic.

tgalbert's ravatar tgalbert    JOINED: 9/30/10    POSTS: 405
RE: Need trail shoe and store advice
POSTED: 11/12/11 8:19 PM

Big fan of La Sportiva shoes. The rubber sticks to rocks, and the lugs shed mud like it's nobody's business. I rock the Crosslites, which are super lightweight (for a trail shoe), but have the Crossover GTX and XCountry headed my way for trail season. I've done 2 mountain races in them and they've performed flawlessly.

Good for a narrow foot.

I've seen REI carry them.

Will be glad to contribute more if you have questions.

Best of luck choosing! Let us know what you go with.


ferguson's ravatar ferguson    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 365
RE: Need trail shoe and store advice
POSTED: 11/13/11 2:44 PM

the new Brooks Pure line is getting rave reviews. Their new trail shoe is the True Grit... Scott Jurek helped with the design. Swing by Potomac River Running in Cleveland Park (NWDC) so they can do a gait analysis and let you give them a whirl on the treadmill.


jonwolfsthal's ravatar jonwolfsthal    JOINED: 3/22/09    POSTS: 43
RE: Need trail shoe and store advice
POSTED: 11/13/11 2:47 PM

I ended up going to PR in cleave land park, getting a gait analysis done and coming home with a pair of ghosts and nb nimbus minimal shoes, since I expressed interest in some minimal running. I have 30 days t try out and can return, and got a 10 Oct dctriclub discount. Good experience so far.

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