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Capitol Hill Runs?
CREATED: 07/19/09 by bde1222 REPLIES: 2
bde1222's ravatar bde1222    JOINED: 7/13/09    POSTS: 31
Capitol Hill Runs?
POSTED: 7/19/09 4:57 PM

I just joined the club last week and would like to take part in the Capitol Hill evening runs you organize. On Wednesday I ran by at 6:15 and didn't see anyone at 7th and E Capitol, wondering if it was still on and if anyone would be around tomorrow. I run about an 815-830 mile. Thanks

markk's ravatar markk    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 9
RE: Capitol Hill Runs?
POSTED: 7/21/09 7:31 AM

I run an 8:30 pace and will join you at 6:15.

antmansub4's ravatar antmansub4    JOINED: 7/31/09    POSTS: 10
RE: Capitol Hill Runs?
POSTED: 10/05/09 8:02 PM

Anybody still doing these runs? A buddy and me want to join tomorrow at 6:15PM if anyone else is in.

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