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Free Webinar: Training the Competitor Within (March 25 @ 7 PM)
CREATED: 03/25/10 by davidglover REPLIES:
davidglover's ravatar davidglover    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 15
Free Webinar: Training the Competitor Within (March 25 @ 7 PM)
POSTED: 3/25/10 1:35 PM

Hi Team,

I'll be giving a complimentary webinar this evening @ 7 PM that you can attend from your computer titled:
Training the Competitor Within: Mental Preparation Strategies

As much as they are a physical test, endurance sports are a mental challenge as you experience potential discomfort, obstacles, disappointment, loneliness and even darkness.

Here's the webinar that will help you train your mind for optimal mental performance in training and on race day.

Topics covered include:
- The Importance of the Mind in Training and Racing
- Training Smartly
- The Power of Positive Thinking


Like always, I will record and make available for viewing later at under "Resources"

About the presenter:
An actively racing elite triathlete, David Glover has competed in more than 100 triathlons since 1995 including 26 Ironman 140.6 races with a PR of 8:51 (Challenge Roth '07) and winning 5x Ironman-distance events overall. David is certified as a coach by USA Triathlon (Level I), USA Cycling (Level II) and NSCA (CSCS).

Happy training,

David Glover, MSE, CSCS

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