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Dominion Trail Mix - NEW EVENT - Sat, Sept 3!!
CREATED: 08/04/11 by Luke REPLIES:
Luke's ravatar Luke    JOINED: 11/28/10    POSTS: 423
Dominion Trail Mix - NEW EVENT - Sat, Sept 3!!
POSTED: 8/04/11 6:10 PM

The Greater Washington Sports Alliance, the Northern Virginia Reginional Park Authority, and Dominion Virginia Power are starting a new event on the W&OD Trail on Saturday, September 3rd called the Dominion Trail Mix. There are several ways to get involved in the event:

Hail the Trail - community service trail cleanup event
Groups and individuals will Hail the Trail and give back to the W&OD by beautifying the trail through trash pick-up, weeding, planting, kiosk maintenance, and more. This collective action will result in the largest cleanup effort in the trail's history!

The Great Skedaddle - bike/run/walk
The Great Skedaddle will combine biking, running, and walking along the W&OD Trail. The event will give our community an insight into the Park’s Civil War history. Runners, walkers, and bikers of all ages will travel through history on a portion of the route that the Union troops took after the first Battle of Bull Run on July 21, 1861.

Trailfest - festival
Supporters of the W&OD Trail, families, and park enthusiasts alike from around the Northern Virginia area will join together for Trailfest in Ashburn, Virginia at Farmwell Station Middle School. The event will be free to the public and will feature live entertainment, fun activities, food, and sports clinics.

All proceeds from Dominion Trail Mix will go to support the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority “Nature Nuts Program”. The Nature Nuts program will enhance existing programs in parks all over Northern Virgina. It’s goal is to give half a million children a meaningful outdoor experience that positively affects them through education, health benefits and interaction, and education of the environment.

For more info, go to:


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