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CREATED: 07/20/09 by Kalessin REPLIES: 1
Kalessin's ravatar Kalessin    JOINED: 6/25/09    POSTS: 8
POSTED: 7/20/09 8:26 AM

I have just moved here from Australia, and have finally become organised enough to join and start looking at what is on offer.

I am training for the Coomera half in Australia at the beginning of October, starting with the ride from Conte's tomorrow night I reckon.

Looking forward to getting out and meeting people from the club, see you all there!

jules    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 110
RE: G'day!
POSTED: 7/20/09 6:09 PM

Welcome to the club....and to the States! The Conte's ride is a good place to's a great workout and a fun event! There are a bunch of DC Tri folks doing late season Halfs (Austin, Augusta, etc) so I'm sure you will find plenty of training partners. There are also lots of great group training options listed on this site.

Good Luck!


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