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Used Suunto T6c Triathlon Pack $500 or Best Offer
CREATED: 10/11/10 by cosacalo REPLIES:
cosacalo's ravatar cosacalo    JOINED: 8/30/09    POSTS: 30
Used Suunto T6c Triathlon Pack $500 or Best Offer
POSTED: 10/11/10 1:38 AM

I bought this unit a year ago and paid over $700 for it. It retails for $700 today. It is an amazing training tool specific for triathlon and i have kept it in good condition. I purchased a second cadence pod so i can use my two bikes with this unit. It is missing a wheel magnet but any magnet will work with the unit.

It includes a T6c Heart Rate Monitor, Foot POD, Road Bike POD, 2 Cadence POD, and Memory Belt.

Here are some pictures of the unit

Suunto Description:

Suunto T6C Triathlon Pack - Train like a pro

Suunto T6C Triathlon Pack is a comprehensive solution tailored for competitive triathletes. It combines a Suunto t6d heart rate monitor, Suunto Foot POD, Suunto Road Bike POD, Suunto Cadence POD, Suunto Memory Belt with a docking station, and Suunto Dual Comfort Belt. Whether you're running, cycling, or swimming, these advanced instruments work together seamlessly so you can fine-tune your training at an advanced level.
Hitting your optimal training stride in not just one sport but three is always a matter of a delicate balance. The Suunto t6d heart rate monitor measures critical physiological data - from heart rate to EPOC - with a level of accuracy previously only available in sports laboratories. You'll have more confidence to determine whether you ought to conserve your energy, or if today is a good day to smash your previous record.
The real-time Training Effect gives you an accurate measure of how hard your body's working at a quick glance, so you can continue with a minimum of interruption. Tracking your Training Effect over time takes the guesswork out of tweaking your training schedule. The Suunto t6d also gives a read-out of your EPOC - your excess post-exercise oxygen consumption level - which lets you measure your training load and adjust future training sessions as needed.
Simplify your speedwork using time or distance interval alarms: combining the Suunto t6d with the Suunto Foot POD and Suunto Road Bike POD gives you real-time information on your speed, distance, and altitude. When cycling, the Suunto Cadence POD provides real-time pedaling frequency information. The Suunto Memory Belt also records your heart rate underwater, so you're not left guessing about your swimming performance.
Whether you want to turn your triathlon weakness into one of your new strengths, or to maximize the effectiveness of both your training and your recovery, the Suunto t6d Triathlon Pack has you covered.

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