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New DC Area Coaches
CREATED: 01/18/11 by KMierke REPLIES: 1
KMierke    JOINED: 3/11/09    POSTS: 43
New DC Area Coaches
POSTED: 1/18/11 12:13 PM

Fitness Concepts is pleased to announce two new Washington DC area coaches.

Stephanie Jones is a professional long-course triathlete with an ironman PR of 9:34. She has background in running and cycling technique and training by heart rate.

Joan Mountain is a physical therapist and Olympic distance triathlete. In addition to her expertise in physical therapy, she has been a professional swim coach for 5 years.

Both are members of the DC Tri club and will be happy to answer questions on the forum. Remember that DC Tri club members receive the 4th month free when they sign up for a new coaching program.

More information is available at or by email at


mcclenahan    JOINED: 1/26/11    POSTS: 1
RE: New DC Area Coaches
POSTED: 1/29/11 10:50 PM

I have worked with Stephanie for several years now. Stephanie creates my training program based on my needs and not from an out of the box training program. We are in constant communication, fine turning my workouts. She fixed my poor running form, taking me from a heal striker to a forefoot runner and helped me build (a lot) more power on the bike. In IMAZ 08 I posted 13:28:12. In IMAZ 09 I posted 11:21:40. I negative split the third loop of the bike and the final segment on the run. Had I trusted what my body was telling me, I could have gone sub 11 in my second Ironman. Stephanie is great coach, always keeping me focused on the prize.

Michael McClenahan

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