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CREATED: 07/20/09 by Newbie101 REPLIES: 1
Newbie101    JOINED: 7/20/09    POSTS: 1
POSTED: 7/20/09 5:44 PM

Hi everyone.
I am moving to DC from the Pacific Northwest at the end of this month. I've just completed my first sprint triathlon. I really enjoyed it, but I have much to work on!! I am looking to get in some more open water swims before the next one.


jules    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 110
RE: Intro
POSTED: 7/20/09 6:16 PM

Welcome to the club....and to DC! There are some great open water swim opportunities coming up: July 25th is the clinic and swim at Gunston Hall and August 8th at Luray. You can find more details in the Events section of this site. Also, club members regularly head out to Sandy Point (the closest public beach) to practice their open water swimming so look out for those postings....or post yourself and I'm sure you will get someone to join you.

Good luck!


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