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cycling in savannah?
CREATED: 05/20/13 by SBsteph REPLIES: 1
SBsteph's ravatar SBsteph    JOINED: 1/24/11    POSTS: 110
cycling in savannah?
POSTED: 5/20/13 10:53 AM

Myself and a few friends (all training for Musselman) will be in Savannah this weekend for a wedding. We're looking to get in a 3+hr ride. I'm looking at online resources now but wondering if anyone out there has recommendations for routes or a contact for any tri/cycling groups there? Thanks!

04swiger's ravatar 04swiger    JOINED: 6/21/10    POSTS: 25
RE: cycling in savannah?
POSTED: 5/20/13 11:53 AM

Check out the Hilton Head tri club about 45 mins away:
also Savannah has a great 50m pool that serves many area triathletes. I think you can just pay a small drop-in fee and they have free parking:
Also if you can get out there, go for a ride to Tybee Island. I super highly recommend going here for dinner: Have fun!

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