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you've read the reviews...
CREATED: 09/23/12 by tpulham REPLIES:
tpulham's ravatar tpulham    JOINED: 8/10/12    POSTS: 45
you've read the reviews...
POSTED: 9/23/12 8:14 PM

Now is your chance to own a genuine Champion System DC Tri Club Tri Top, size men's small. Made from a one-of-a-kind fabric, and cut just right so that all of your friends can see how hard you've been working on your abs, this top is too good to pass up. Ladies, don't be put off by the "men's" label--this top has all the support of the women's gear that you've come to love. MSRP is $52.80. I paid $50.00. But I really want to see someone in this top before the year is out, so I'm willing to let it go for $40 (or any semi-reasonable offer). Act fast, supplies are limited (to one).

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