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DC's Kids Triathlon Camps
CREATED: 09/08/09 by lisalisadc REPLIES:
lisalisadc's ravatar lisalisadc    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 451
DC's Kids Triathlon Camps
POSTED: 9/08/09 1:55 PM


A lot of people were interested in volunteering at the local kid's triathlons this summer. A few people from DC Tri volunteered with ACHIEVE Camp in DC and the Arlington Triathlon Club (ATC). Did you have a chance? Or want to? DC Tri also threw a Happy Hour for the kids. I wrote an article up about their last day of camp and final race. Check it out:

p.s. I would have like to volunteered a few more hours but the race directors/camp organizers are not very good or punctual about asking for volunteers for the kids camps. Kind of ironic since Nations Tri has sent me no less than 13 e-mails in the past few weeks filled with advertisements and pleas for volunteers. Has anyone else noticed that? If we could get a DC Tri day next summer at one of the local kids' camps, I would like to help organize.

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