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WABA Alert: Comments Needed on K Street Transitway
CREATED: 10/28/09 by lisalisadc REPLIES:
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WABA Alert: Comments Needed on K Street Transitway
POSTED: 10/28/09 10:31 AM


WABA Alert: Comments Needed on K Street Transitway
WABA is urging concerned cyclists to take a few moments of their time today to help bring better bicycling tomorrow.

The deadline for comments on the K Street Transitway project is October 30th and opposition from area businesses to WABA's preferred option, Alternative 3, is strong. Alternative 3 is the only design that provides any sort of accommodation for cyclists and we strongly believe that to rebuild K Street without facilities for cyclists would be a missed opportunity and would run counter to the city's stated desire to improve conditions for cyclists. While Alternative 3 provides for bike lanes, WABA is urging the DC Department of Transportation to instead construct cycle tracks-bike lanes that are protected by a raised curb. We believe this design will help prevent vehicles from parking in the bike lane and would present a more attractive option for less experienced cyclists. WABA's detailed comments on the project can be found at

We hope that you will take the time to send your comments to the following email address:

Also, free bike lights from WABA tomorrow night around DC.


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