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Women in Cycling webinar and Survey
CREATED: 03/26/10 by hppeabody REPLIES:
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Women in Cycling webinar and Survey
POSTED: 3/26/10 3:25 PM

Hi All,

I work in maternal and child health and somehow through one of many listservs, this came through my e-mail. It actually sounds pretty interesting.

Free Webinar: Writing Women Back into Bicycling

When: Wednesday, March 31
3:00 to 4:30 p.m. EDT

For more Info:

• Connect with others interested in healthy, livable, bicycle-friendly communities
• Learn about barriers, successes, international examples, what you can do
• Respond to the online survey through 5/15/10 (Women and girls only, please: take the survey at Survey is open until May 15; interim results reported at the webinar)
• Invite others to watch and listen with you – use this webinar as a springboard for local success as you encourage more people to cycle!
• Can't participate live? At your leisure, view the free archived webinar later (link posted after the webinar at

Agenda and Speakers

Cycling Culture: Laura Sandt, Associate Director, Pedestrian Bicycle Information Center (Laura lived and biked in Leischendam, Netherlands while on a research exchange program with SWOV, the Institute for Roadway Safety)

Women's Cycling History, Resources & Preliminary APBP Survey Results: Fionnuala Quinn, civil engineer, JEiT girls engineering program (Fionnuala instigated APBP's Women Cycling project and grew up bicycling in Ireland)

Cycling Fashion: Caz Nicklin, Managing Director of Cyclechic Ltd in London (using her diploma in Environmental decision-making, Caz created a company to promote and endorse sustainable living)

Cycling Successes: Case studies and snapshots
Recommendations and Next Steps: Kit Keller, APBP Executive Director, participant on the FHWA/AASHTO/NCHRP International Scan on Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety and Mobility


Conclusion: Announcement of APBP Women & Girls Cycling Photo and Video Contest

This webinar includes international perspectives, preliminary results of the Women Cycling survey and key recommendations from the U.S. Dept. of Transportation (FHWA, AASHTO, NCHRP) International Scan on Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety and Mobility. APBP is hosting this webinar as part of the International Scan implementation process. Scan participants saw so many more women cycling in the five countries we visited than one typically sees in most U.S. cities. Why? Why not here? The recommendations of the International Scan could help to increase the number of women and girls cycling in the U.S. and Canada. If more women and girls bicycled more places more often, they could achieve better health while having a very positive impact on their community and the environment. The solutions cross many disciplines and address many factors related to economic viability here and abroad.

As part of this project, women and girls are invited to take a "snapshot in time survey” at We would like to hear from non-cyclists as well as current and past cyclists. Preliminary survey results highlighted during the webinar; final results available after May 15, 2010 when the survey closes.

For more info, contact Kit Keller at or 262-375-6180

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