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Triathlon America Conference
CREATED: 03/09/11 by gwcrew2000 REPLIES: 1
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Triathlon America Conference
POSTED: 3/09/11 2:19 PM

Last week DC Tri Club President Steve Carlson joined Chuck Brodsky and Molly Quinn of Washington Sports & Event Management (WSEM), the company that runs The Nation's Triathlon, in San Diego, CA at the first annual Triathlon America conference. The trio were speaking on producing the country's largest triathlon. While Chuck and Molly spoke on the logistics and marketing of running the event, Steve focused on the strong partnership DC Tri Club has formed with WSEM over the years through our volunteer support and how that has lead to the successful growth of both the race and the Club. The trip was not all fun and games as the mission of Triathlon America is to promote the sport and business of triathlon. Topics covered at the conference were "The Business of the Pro Triathlete," "Mergers & Acquisitions in Endurance and Lifestyle Sports," and "Triathlon in the Media." The three day event closed with a keynote speech from former DC Mayor Adrian Fenty, who spoke about how he got involved in the sport and the positive impact it has made on Washington, DC. To find out more about Triathlon America, go to their website

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RE: Triathlon America Conference
POSTED: 3/22/11 2:31 PM

Bonzai Sports was named Top Ten Triathlon Retailer at the awards banquet. Bonzai was at the next table at the banquet with the owners of Quintana Roo and Gear West. They were extremely happy when Darrin went on stage to accept the award from Dan Empfield.

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