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Run weightless! Try Alter G treadmill FREE on Dec 1
CREATED: 11/27/12 by ajulia REPLIES:
ajulia's ravatar ajulia    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 145
Run weightless! Try Alter G treadmill FREE on Dec 1
POSTED: 11/27/12 11:49 AM

Put on a few pounds from Thanksgiving pie? Injured from the family turkey trot? This is your lucky week...

Club partner Fast Track Physical Therapy has an awesome new rehab/recovery tool available for members to try. The Alter G treadmill is designed to offload a runner’s body weight up to 80%. Fast Track will use it in physical therapy sessions as well as for public rental.

In addition to 50% off rental fees through Dec 19, you can try the Alter G for free this Saturday (Dec 1) from 2-4pm at Fast Track.

Promotional Fees (through Dec 19):

Single sessions:
30 min - $17.50
45 min - $22.50
60 min - $27.50

Monthly Memberships:
500 min per month/125 per week minute max = $125.00
1000 min per month/250 per week minute max = $150.00

After Dec 19, DC Tri members will still receive a 10% discount on Alter G rental.

Fast Track Physical Therapy is located at 510 West Annandale Rd., Falls Church, VA 22046.

Check out this article for more info about the Alter G:

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