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USAT National Challenge Competition
CREATED: 11/15/13 by atelford REPLIES:
atelford's ravatar atelford    JOINED: 1/20/12    POSTS: 12
USAT National Challenge Competition
POSTED: 11/15/13 11:32 AM

NCC starts in just over two weeks! Have you signed up to be part of the DC Tri Club team?

What is NCC?
The USAT National Challenge Competition (NCC) is designed to get triathletes excited about off-season training at the club level. Tri Clubs across the country go head-to-head to see who can log the most training miles.

How does it work?
The NCC will feature three sessions, each one month in duration, from December to February. Club challenge participants will submitted their training miles to the NCC site for automatic calculation and ranking based on the honor system.

All sessions will include swim, bike, and run, but one sport will be highlighted for each session (Dec - swim, Jan - bike, Feb - run). The winning club for each session is determined by the greatest number of miles logged during that session for that month's discipline. However all monthly mileage accrued for all disciplines count. Miles on a treadmill, elliptical, and bike trainer/stationary bike/spin bike will also count!

This is a friendly competition and open to triathletes of all levels. It is all for fun and simply motivation to keep you training. There will be some group workout, training logs (for the data driven among us), and weekly emails to keep you inspired to go for a long run on cold, dark morning or to get you on your trainer after work.

Are there prizes?
As with any good competition, there are prizes for the first club to reach the benchmark mileage for each session, and overall combined mileage for a club at the end of the three months. For the past two years, DC Tri Club has taken home the top prize. Last year we swept all award categories. Let’s go for three in a row!

Individual awards are also given to the top individual mileage overall and in each session.

Are you ready to join the team? Register by sending an email to DCTriNCC@gmail.comwith:
• Full name,
• USAT number (you must be a current member),
• DOB, and
• email address you want used for registration and correspondence.

Miles start to count as of Dec 1st, so don't delay and sign-up now!

(Note: DO NOT register directly with USAT. To be part of the DC Tri Club team we must register you, so just send the required information and we’ll take care of the rest)

For more information go to the USAT National Challenge Competition website

If you have other questions, just respond to this post or send an email. I hope you'll join us!

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