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Bike Assembly
CREATED: 04/28/11 by john1213 REPLIES: 1
john1213    JOINED: 1/19/11    POSTS: 2
Bike Assembly
POSTED: 4/28/11 8:26 PM

I am a newbie to the triathlon world. I just bought a bike online, and need to have it assembled. Can anyone help?


jen_'s ravatar jen_    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 162
RE: Bike Assembly
POSTED: 4/29/11 9:27 AM

Couple options

1. If you have the tools and a little know-how along with some bike books and YouTube/Google (how to vids), you can do it yourself

2. Find someone via the forum with the tools and the know-how to do it for you.

3. Take it to a bike shop - preferably one of our merchant partners - and have them do it for you. Might cost around $50 or so, but you know (hope) it will be done right. This is a good option since you start to establish a relationship with the shop and mechanics, and they know you'll be in often and you'll bring them cookies ;)


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