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triathlon training and international travel
CREATED: 06/06/12 by mdyedc REPLIES: 5
mdyedc    JOINED: 1/21/12    POSTS: 14
triathlon training and international travel
POSTED: 6/06/12 1:34 PM

Sometimes I have to travel to random foreign cities for work and would love to know inside tips on how best to continue my training while I'm there, like which hotel has the best pool for swimming laps, or possibilities for renting a road bike, or where to go for a long run, etc. General travel sites like Tripadvisor don't really provide this kind of detailed information useful for the triathlete. Does anyone know of a website or any other resource that can be consulted for this kind of info?

And while I'm at it, is there anyone with tips on Santo Domingo specifically?


kst718's ravatar kst718    JOINED: 8/29/11    POSTS: 110
RE: triathlon training and international travel
POSTED: 6/06/12 2:04 PM

Good question! I've had good luck contacting the hotels where I'm staying (particularly if it's a nicer hotel, with a concierge), researching local tri clubs and bike shops, etc. Often the hotel can hook you up with a free guest pass at a local gym, too. My adventure for each trip is to find a local bike shop and buy a water bottle, socks, jersey, etc. to build my collection and learn about the local cycling scene. You should also look online to see if the city has hosted a tri, marathon, 10k, etc. and pull the course map for your own use. Though you won't have the benefit of street closures, so keep that in mind! Be sure to bring your own helmet, since that is clearly not a universal expectation.

As for Santo Domingo, I ran along the Malecon -- wide sidewalks, beachside, enough people to be safe, well-lit, etc.

Buena suerte! -- KT

pareilly2000's ravatar pareilly2000    JOINED: 3/6/12    POSTS: 2
RE: triathlon training and international travel
POSTED: 6/06/12 3:43 PM

I lived in Santo Domingo for many years. There is a very active running/cycling/tri scene. Most of the people train at the Mirador Sur Park which is in the city. It is about four miles long and had asphalt running trails and a wide avenue that they close to traffic in the am and pm. Thousands of people use it between 6-8 am and 4-7 pm. Outside of those hours, its pretty dark and dangerous. Three main hotels are Hilton, Melia and Renaissance Jaragua (part of Marriott chain). Melia has a decent pool but not great. No public pools to speak of. Most tri people belong to clubs that have pools. Malecon has wide concrete sidewalks but many potholes and alot of vehicle exhaust. Mirador Sur is much better and a short cab ride from most hotels. Santo Domingo Corre is a website that may have some links and information. There are a few local bike shops but I don't believe they rent bikes. They have many races at the park including a Half marathon on 6/24, fyi. Most races are run Sat or Sun in late afternoon to avoid the brutal sun.
Hope this helps

dsgrunning's ravatar dsgrunning    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 1481
RE: triathlon training and international travel
POSTED: 6/06/12 4:38 PM

Research running, biking, swimming, and triathlon clubs in the areas that you are working in to see if you can join them for a workout. Perhaps they may give you a cuesheet our run route.

I lead a Sunday bike ride for DCTri and over the years I've lots of out of towners here for work or vacation asking if they can join the group ride. This year I have a guy from NY, a guy from San Diego, and a few from SF contact me about riding with the group. The first question question is always "can I join the ride even though I'm not with the club?" My answer is always yes.

I also lead a run group that is not part of DCTri. My runners quite often bring out of town friends/family members to our group run.

International is a little bit more iffy. I know that many tri clubs overseas will not let you join them unless you are a paying member. However, a few will give you free cuesheets.

Slowtwitch ( has a lot of international posters as well as folks who traveled/trained overseas during work and vacation. That's a good place to post your questions.


nettyrichter    JOINED: 9/27/10    POSTS: 19
RE: triathlon training and international travel
POSTED: 6/06/12 8:28 PM

I've trained for a HIM while on work travel in Mali- so it can be done. In terms of runs- try mapmyrun (or mapmyride) and search your city for routes and distances. Make sure that if you are going out on a route you know more or less where you are going (I would write my hotel address on my hand so that I could make sure that I could get back). Traffic, congestion and safety become major issues. You can also look out for hashes- these can be found EVERYWHERE (and might be a good starting point for longer rides).

You can also try the thorn tree travel forums for more detailed ideas- like weekend bike trips, and sometimes also people to meet up with.

Good luck!

denaindc's ravatar denaindc    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 192
RE: triathlon training and international travel
POSTED: 6/06/12 10:42 PM

Dominican fiesta is 1block from the mirador and has a semi Olympic outdoor pool (their description, not mine). You'll need to pass thru a greenway to get to the mirador, i was told not to go thru the greenway in the dark. I saw the local Tri club doing bricks on the mirador on the weekends. I stayed at this hotel for a month recently and highly recommend it. They also have a great gym.

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