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Gear Pickup @ Annual Meeting!
CREATED: 12/17/09 by kmwpro REPLIES:
kmwpro's ravatar kmwpro    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 315
Gear Pickup @ Annual Meeting!
POSTED: 12/17/09 5:35 PM

Hello Fans of DCTri Gear,

Don't forget, if you ordered Sugoi, Champion Systems Clothing or any of the Gear Shop's "In Stock" items (like tshirts, visors or swim caps,) they will all be available for pickup on Saturday. If you are not able to attend, a friend can pick up your gear for you, just email me at and let me know ahead of time.

We also ordered a FEW extra pieces from Sugoi to meet the minimums. I'll have those for sale as well. If you are interested, bring your checkbook.

One note: we're running the final paypal list Friday, so if you purchase something in-stock after noon on Friday, please forward your receipt to so I know to bring your items with me. Otherwise, I'll have no idea to bring it.

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