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Advanced Transitions and Open Water Clinic
CREATED: 08/23/10 by harburgm REPLIES:
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Advanced Transitions and Open Water Clinic
POSTED: 8/23/10 2:20 PM

Cycle Life Bike Shop and The Nation's Triathlon are hosting an Advanced Transition and Open Water Clinic.

Register here:

More info:
* Saturday, August 28th
* Clinic starts promptly at 7am and ends at 10AM

Transitions - 7:30am - 8:45am

While everyone knows that triathlon is made up three sports, swimming, biking and running, many forget about the fourth event, transitions. The clock is till ticking while you are standing still and the sooner you can get moving again, the faster your finishing time will be. Whether you want to learn out to mount your bike with your shoes clipped into the pedals or just want to learn how to lay out your transition area, the CycleLife coaching staff will share tips and tricks that will help you finish faster regardless of how fast you swim, bike or run.
Open Water Swim - 8:45am - 9:45am

Come learn the techniques, tactics and training that distinguish open water swimming from pool swimming. Following a lecture, swimmers will immediately have the opportunity to practice what they have learned in the marked and patrolled lake.

Eric Sorensen, CycleLife Head Coach, Curl-Burke Swim Coach, 12-time USA Triathlon All-American and veteran of over 100 career triathlons. Eric will be joined by other CycleLife staff, coaches, and sponsored athletes.

Online only. No drop ins. $15 fee covers local homeowners assocation per-head fee. We will collect the online payments and and present a check to the association. If you are not a USMS or USAT member, please remember to bring $10 cash for the 1-day membership.

Be comfortable mounting and dismounting, and riding your bicycle near other cyclists. Swimmers should, at minimum, be capable of covering the distance of a sprint distance triathlon without stopping (700-800m).

Contact Eric at
What To Bring:
* Goggles (clear for overcast, tinted for sunny)
* Water/Hydration
* USMS/USAT member card or keyring
* $10 cash for non-members (USAT 1-day membership)
* Wetsuit
* Towel
* Friends and family!

What to bring for the Transitions portion of the clinic: Bring everything you would need for a triathlon. Swim: Wetsuit, cap, goggles. Bike: Bike, cycling shoes, helmet, glasses, socks, etc. Run: Run shoes w/ speed/elastic laces, socks, hat, race number belt, glasses, etc.

Gunston Rd Way Lorton, VA 22079

From 95 South
* Take exit 163 for VA-642 toward Lorton 0.3 mi
* Turn left at Lorton Rd/VA-600/VA-642 0.4 mi
* Turn right at the 1st cross street onto Lorton Market St/VA-600
* Continue to follow VA-600 (You will cross Rt 1 at a stoplight) 6.5 mi
* Turn left at Mt Vernon Blvd 0.5 mi
* Take the 2nd right onto Gunston Rd Way 0.2 mi


Please carpool if possible. Parking will be in the grass field adjacent to the entrance to the marina (small gravel road off Gunston Rd Way). Volunteers will be present to help you park. Alternate parking will be right down the street at the community center. The marina is located at the end of the small gravel road on the left of Gunston Rd way and is a very short walk from parking.

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