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2005 Felt S32 - 56cm / 700 wheels - $600 obo
CREATED: 03/10/11 by Blue Devil REPLIES:
Blue Devil's ravatar Blue Devil    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 5
2005 Felt S32 - 56cm / 700 wheels - $600 obo
POSTED: 3/10/11 11:45 AM

This is the bike that hooked me on triathlon. It's a stock Felt S32, and I am including a Cateye bike computer and Speedplay pedals. There is a review of the bike/specs here: The bike is in good condition -- I rode it in several races in 2005-06, but only for occasional training rides since investing in a Cervelo in 2006. This is a perfect bike for anyone who is looking to invest in a tri-specific bike without spending a ton of money. Hoping to pass this along within the club before putting it out on craigslist. Please email me at blue-dot-devil-dot-dc at gmail-dot-com if you're interested. --Chris

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