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CREATED: 03/10/11 by kkaufer REPLIES: 1
kkaufer's ravatar kkaufer    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 126
POSTED: 3/10/11 1:45 PM

As I sit here munching down on a bag of m&m's (yet again) I realize that I need some help w/ nutrition. And I mean both race/training nutritio and 'normal' nutrition -- my theory is that I don't eat right before/during/after training and therefore wolf down whatever I can find when I get to the office. Can anyone recommend a nutritionist who can help me figure out some of the basics? thanks

sandyc's ravatar sandyc    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 288
RE: Nutritionist?
POSTED: 3/10/11 11:54 PM

I worked with Rebecca Mohning (as have numerous club members - she does the nutrition clinics for NTP), and highly recommend her. I'm a horrible eater (well, I'm actually really good at eating, just bad with my food selections), and she was very helpful with showing me how to make better choices (without completely depriving me everything that I love). Her website is

P.S. If you're gonna eat M&M's, make sure they're peanut. Then you're getting protein, and that's always a good thing. See my improved food selection skills? ;-)

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