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New-ish in Tysons
CREATED: 08/23/10 by mwbeck REPLIES: 1
mwbeck    JOINED: 8/23/10    POSTS: 2
New-ish in Tysons
POSTED: 8/23/10 8:37 PM

Trained since Jan with Team in Training and did the Phiily Tri (well Philly Dua) and the NE Tri this year. Am pretty hooked now and looking to working out and doing a HIM next June timeframe as well as a decent amount of Sprints and Oly. Really looking to get my swim skills better and generally have fun with more people that enjoy the sport.

ecrandlemire's ravatar ecrandlemire    JOINED: 4/13/10    POSTS: 63
RE: New-ish in Tysons
POSTED: 8/24/10 10:37 AM

Hey, there is a lot going on in the next few weeks. One thing you might be interested in is the training tri this weekend at Haines Point. Its $10 and it includes a 400m swim, 17 mi bike and 3.1 mi run. Also, there is a barbeque afterwards. Not sure if there are any open spots left but you can search the website for the contact information. Usually these practice races draw 70-100 people and its a lot of fun.

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