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50% off Running/Trail Shoes
CREATED: 10/12/10 by gwcrew2000 REPLIES:
gwcrew2000's ravatar gwcrew2000    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 127
50% off Running/Trail Shoes
POSTED: 10/12/10 3:05 PM

A friend of mine asked that I pass on this information for a great deal on trail running shoes. Be sure to enter his name to get the discount (Tyler Kipp).

Nordica's sister company Tecnica, is offering Tecnica running/trail shoes at 50% off and are including free shipping for employee friends and family.

If you buy shoes, put Tyler Kipp as the "Tecnica Employee" in the first box at checkout.

Here is the link to the shoe sale:

Here is the regular website for tecnica shoes..

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