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REV3 Season Pass?
CREATED: 11/05/13 by drphungky REPLIES: 1
drphungky    JOINED: 9/7/10    POSTS: 37
REV3 Season Pass?
POSTED: 11/05/13 2:53 PM

Is anyone doing it? A LOT of the races are drivable this year. $1,200 for entry to all Rev3 races, and you can even transfer your rego at no fee. I'm heavily considering it...

Note the deadline is Nov 15th!

List of races:

Make sure to look at the map, the dates below it aren't all correct for 2014.

drphungky    JOINED: 9/7/10    POSTS: 37
RE: REV3 Season Pass?
POSTED: 11/14/13 11:12 AM

I just pulled the trigger, and a buddy is going to as well, so if anyone wants to carpool, we're planning on hitting everything except Branson and Wisconsin (whenever they announce the Florida or Mexico race we'll play that one by ear).

Don't forget your last chance to register is tomorrow!

Also, the Maine race is the same weekend as the White Mountain Gran Fondo, which I did for its inaugural last year and was AWESOME, so I highly recommend signing up for that as well and making a weekend out of it.

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