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New Year's Day 5K RR - Reston
CREATED: 01/03/12 by smitty1788 REPLIES:
smitty1788    JOINED: 12/19/11    POSTS: 10
New Year's Day 5K RR - Reston
POSTED: 1/03/12 12:52 PM

Hi everyone!

New to the club and wanted to share my race report for the New Year's Day 5K in Reston. I was out representing the club and got a new PR.

New Year’s Day 5K Race Report: Reston, VA

Short Version:
Finished in 20:39 for 38/700 overall. This was an out and back course that was moderately hilly. I went out to fast and felt in near the end with all the hills. Overall, it was a success and a new PR.

Long Version:
First some background. I first started running this past June and had no prior experience besides running in practice for baseball in HS. At 23, decided I needed to make a change and get back in shape. I have been running about 20mi/w for the last 2 months. This was my 3rd 5K (a couple 10K’s and mile races thrown in) and my previous PR was 22:30 in early November. My goal today was under 21:30

I had a fairly quiet New Year’s Eve. A few friends came over to watch the ball drop. I didn’t get to bed until late and had a hard time falling asleep sue to the excitement. Luckily the race was a 10am start to I was able to get a few more hours of sleep then I normally would for a race. I woke up at 7:30am, threw on my running gear, and headed out to Reston (live in DC). I got to the race pretty early and not many people were there yet. I picked up my Bib and then decided to sit in the car for a few minutes as it was chilly out. At about 9:15 I decided I couldn’t wait anymore and started to warm up. I did a very slow jog for about 20 minutes and then some strides near the finish line. At 9:45 I lined up near the front and was getting antsy as I really wanted to start.

Finally it was 10am and the gun went off. Since I was near the front I didn’t have any issues having to dodge people. I was cruising through Reston Town Center and down to the W&OD Trail. There were two small hills at .2 and .6 miles but the rest was mostly downhill. Hit the one mile mark at 6:23.

Looking down at my watch I realized I went out to fast for my current fitness. I put on the reins and tried to slow down. Unfortunately, I now had to deal with a few rolling hills on the trial and I definitely felt the effects. The turnaround was at about 1.5 miles and I now face all the hills I had just run down. Mile 2 finished at 6:52 pace.

Mile 3 was a tough one. It felt like I was going uphill 80% of the time. My legs were starting to feel heavy but I knew I had to push through. Hit the 3 mile marker at 6:54 pace.

I could see the clock in the distance at this point. I saw it was just past 20 min. I had a shot to completely blow away my previous PR. I put in all the effort I could muster and started to kick. I finished the last .1 in 30sec.

I finished in 20:39. 38/700 overall. 35th out of males. 5th in my age group (20-24)

Mile 1 6:23
Mile 2 6:52
Mile 3 6:54
Last .1 0:30

Lessons Learned: I went out to fast and it hit me during mile 2. I think this was partly to do with mile 1 being mostly downhill. I should have saved some energy for the second half. I also need to vastly improve my endurance. Over the next 2 months I will be increasing my weekly mileage to 30-35 mi. I need to step up my speed work and will be working out with the club at the Wilson Track Workouts starting next week. Overall this was a great race and the last .1 was one of the biggest adrenaline rushes I’ve had. Below are some pics that were taken by Potomac River Running.

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