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Transition to Bike Question - shoe setup?
CREATED: 06/18/11 by jd28 REPLIES: 3
jd28's ravatar jd28    JOINED: 2/16/10    POSTS: 8
Transition to Bike Question - shoe setup?
POSTED: 6/18/11 11:25 PM

Can someone explain the method of setting up the shoes for the bike? Once I have the soes clipped into the pedals, what is the best method for getting into them after I mount. I have seen people do something with rubber bands for example to keep the shoes upright. Thanks

markhakd's ravatar markhakd    JOINED: 10/8/09    POSTS: 231
RE: Transition to Bike Question - shoe setup?
POSTED: 6/21/11 12:24 AM

This video is how I learned the basics of putting my shoes on and taking them off while on the bike:
(There are also some good wetsuit tricks in the video that I use.)

The way I do it now is slightly different than anything he shows in the video, but the video will give you a good starting point. Just find a stretch of road that is flat with minimal traffic and practice maybe 25 times, and you'll find the exact way that works best for you.

Regarding the rubber bands, that is the last thing to worry about once you have mastered the shoes going on and off while riding. The point of the rubber bands is to keep the shoes level while you are running with the bike out of T1. They are not strictly necessary but are indeed helpful in making sure that your shoes don't move the cranks until you get to the mount line.


jd28's ravatar jd28    JOINED: 2/16/10    POSTS: 8
RE: Transition to Bike Question - shoe setup?
POSTED: 6/24/11 6:52 PM

Thanks Kevin!

Luke's ravatar Luke    JOINED: 11/28/10    POSTS: 423
RE: Transition to Bike Question - shoe setup?
POSTED: 6/24/11 10:24 PM

Personally, I don't use the rubberbands. When I rack my bike in transition, I leave the shoes clipped into the pedals, with the velcro open as much as possible. When I get to T1, I run my bike out to the road (and over the mount line!), then hop on the bike. With my feet on top of the shoes, I start pedaling. After I get clear of the choas of others mounting at the line, and after I build up some speed (to about 15mph), then it's time to put my feet in the shoes. It usually takes about 100m to get to this point. I stick one hand into the clipped in shoe (or into the loop on the back of the shoe), and slide my foot in, then velcro the shoe. I continue pedaling to keep up the pace, then repeat the same thing by putting the other foot into the shoe. The biggest thing is staying upright, avoiding other cyclists, and keeping your speed up. Think about that, then think about putting your feet into the shoes!

As for getting your feet out of the shoes, undo the velcro straps on both shoes when you're about 1/4 mile away from the dismount line. Keep pedaling lightly, and wiggle one foot out of the shoe and place it on top of the shoe. Then repeat the steps with the other foot. Keep pedaling lightly until you're about 30 yards away from the dismount line. Then slow down your pedaling even more and step one leg over the bike. Coast until you're a few feet away from the dismount line and then jump of the bike and start running barefoot with the bike into T2. Err on the side of caution when approaching the dismount line. It's far better to jump off the bike 10 or 12 feet short of the line and have to run a few extra steps than it is to ride over the line and get hit with a 2 minute penalty!

Hope this helps!

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