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Philadelphia Tri registration?
CREATED: 10/30/09 by afava REPLIES: 1
afava's ravatar afava    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 258
Philadelphia Tri registration?
POSTED: 10/30/09 1:33 PM

I saw that registration opens on Nov 2. Anyone have a sense of whether this race fills up quickly?

And while I am at it - was the ITU in DC a one time thing last year or will they likely hold again in 2010?


vatriathlete    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 685
RE: Philadelphia Tri registration?
POSTED: 10/30/09 3:27 PM

yes philly tri tends to fill up quickly. all the major races in every city fills up within a day or so if not it only takes a few weeks at the longest.

nyc olympic, phillytri, malibu tri, st anthony's olympic, etc all fill up extremely fast. with all of these races you basically have to register when it opens to get the best chance of getting in.

the itu thing in dc in 2009 is as of now a 1 time thing. the 2010 dextro schedule is out and there are no ITU races in north america.

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