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VIDA Fitness - New Merchant Partner
CREATED: 03/28/10 by AndyJB444 REPLIES:
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VIDA Fitness - New Merchant Partner
POSTED: 3/28/10 5:58 PM

Please welcome VIDA Fitness as a new DC Triathlon Club merchant partner!

VIDA Fitness

VIDA is a place to work on your mind, body & spirit to achieve a fuller and more balanced life.

DC Tri Club members save on membership at VIDA, and have access to elite high-end equipment, deluxe locker rooms, laundry service, steam rooms and saunas, Aura Spa and personal training. Our first-rate group fitness options include yoga, meditation, pilates, circuit training, indoor Real-Ryder cycling, sports conditioning and much more!

Through membership at VIDA Fitness, your cross training program be enhanced with fitness options in our endless pools, Real Ryder cycling classes, health nutrition bar and much more!

VIDA has three urban locations:
VIDA at The Verizon Center which is located in the heart of Chinatown,
VIDA at the Metropole in the center of Logan Circle,
and VIDA at the luxurious Renaissance Hotel located on 9th & K St. NW.


Member benefits:

* 35% discount on VIDA Fitness enrollment at our Renaissance location, 25% discount on enrollment at Metropole and Verizon locations.
* Discounted monthly membership rates with minimum of 5 participants and year-long agreement
* 15% off of Spa services (massage, body treatments and facials) with VIDA membership on Mondays and Tuesdays
* Complimentary 55-minute personal training session or Sports Therapy Massage 30-minute Aurassage to all members who join VIDA
* Personal training and nutritional counseling available at discounted rates

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