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CREATED: 03/28/10 by AndyJB444 REPLIES:
AndyJB444's ravatar AndyJB444    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 401 - New Merchant Partner
POSTED: 3/28/10 6:00 PM

Please welcome as a new DC Triathlon Club merchant partner!
Welcome to the ActiveWatches experience!

ActiveWatches is an Internet retailer of sports watches, including triathlon-specific watches. Run by other triathletes, ActiveWatches is dedicated to providing the best customer experience for purchasing a sports watch. By focusing solely on sports watches, ActiveWatches provides information and expertise on sports watches unmatched by other watch companies. ActiveWatches carries a broad line of watches perfect for triathlons. These include watches with capabilities to easily monitor and improve your performance during training and on race day, such as watches with GPS and Heart Rate Monitor technology and Cycling watches. If you need assistance in selecting a watch, feel free to contact one of our representatives at or 800-216-1690.

Membership benefits:

* 10% discount on all watches
* Contribution back to the DC Tri Club for each watch purchased


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