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SSPT Bike Fit
CREATED: 06/03/09 by nicoleshue REPLIES:
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SSPT Bike Fit
POSTED: 6/03/09 1:34 PM

Sports and Spinal Physical Therapy’s offers a comprehensive bike fit process. Our approach incorporates the latest scientific evidence and brings physical assessment into the process of bike fitting. Our therapists have the knowledge and experience to assess the triathlete’s physical characteristics - such as flexibility, muscle balance, and range of motion – and biomechanics on the bike. Their expertise enables them to not only determine the proper bike specifications (X and Y axes; stack and reach) but also to make technique and physical conditioning recommendations to improve the triathlete’s biomechanics and efficiency. More information on our bike fit process is provided below:

Duration: 1 ½ hours

Cost: $220

5 Step Process:
- Review Cycling History & Goals
- Musculoskeletal Assessment
- Real Time Digital Video Analysis
- Bike Specification
- Technique & Conditioning Recommendations

The costs include a follow-up session “fine tune” your bike fit, if needed.

All bike fits are performed by physical therapists who are also experienced triathletes and/or road cyclists.

DC Tri Club members receive a 10% discount. (Please note, that we will no longer be offering discounts larger than 10% to attendees of our triathlon clinics.)

Additional information on Sports and Spinal Physical Therapy’s bike fits may be found at

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