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Wash DC Triathlon: Open Thread
CREATED: 06/19/11 by mosered REPLIES: 27
PotomacTriathlete2009's ravatar PotomacTriathlete2009    JOINED: 9/19/09    POSTS: 532
RE: Wash DC Triathlon: Open Thread
POSTED: 6/20/11 4:34 PM

Thanks to all the volunteers, organizers, spectators, "cheerers-on" and fellow competitors. It's awesome to have a large, well-run open water tri in our backyard. And here in D.C. we get two of them each year.

This was my first sprint tri ever though I've done several longer races over the last two years. I expected the sprint field to have more beginners than other races. Though it meant that there were a lot of breaststrokers and even backstrokers on the swim, I didn't mind. It was kind of fun navigating my way through it. Surprisingly, I too ended up passing many people in the previous wave. This almost never happens to me, as a usual back-of-the-pack swimmer in other races. So this was pretty good for the ego.

I'm confused about the swim "rate" listed on the results page. It doesn't match up with the min. per 100m rate. It could be min. per 100 yds or else the sprint course was quite a bit shorter than 800m. Was anyone else surprised by their sprint swim time being faster than normal? I hope not. That would mean that my swimming really has improved from last year.

Though all of the 180* turns meant that this wasn't the best course for a bike PR, I found it fun. One section near the tunnel had a lot of bumpy pavement but other than that, the roads were pretty good.

The misting tents are a good idea. Nice to have enough if it wasn't as hot as it was last year. The Capitol Dome looming behind the finish line is an impressive sight, especially for all of those athletes coming in from out of town. I enjoyed watching the pro athletes finishing their races later on. I always try to learn technique tips from watching pro racers. Plus it's cool to see world-class athletes up close in action.

Other comments: A water stop near the swim area would have been good. I forgot to bring a small bottle of water for the long pre-race wait. Having Qdoba charge $1 for water wasn't the best idea. I doubt many athletes had any cash on them immediately after finishing the race. Those are the only minor quibbles I had.

All in all, a very enjoyable race. I'm already looking forward to next year. But I'll switch back to the international distance for 2012. Oh, congrats to all the first-timers on finishing the race!

JHJ20012's ravatar JHJ20012    JOINED: 2/1/10    POSTS: 197
RE: Wash DC Triathlon: Open Thread
POSTED: 6/20/11 4:58 PM

Congrats to all the finishers and especially DC's newest triathletes. You rock! Start getting out your checkbooks cause the tri-bug's gonna bite hard right about now.

Quick question about the time trial start. How did that work? Jump in? Dive in? Single file? I've never seen one before and I"m assuming it will be the same format for Nations. thanks!

bsull184's ravatar bsull184    JOINED: 2/6/10    POSTS: 283
RE: Wash DC Triathlon: Open Thread
POSTED: 6/20/11 4:59 PM

Both the DC Tri and Nations list swim rates in time per 100 yards (1500m = 1640yards). No clue why, outside of making us feel better about our times:).

dixonm's ravatar dixonm    JOINED: 7/1/09    POSTS: 73
RE: Wash DC Triathlon: Open Thread
POSTED: 6/20/11 5:04 PM

I agree that the swim start meant less time wasted treading water/jockeying for position while waiting for your wave to go, thumbs-up from me.

I wasn't a fan of the bike or the run. The bike was more like a crit than a time trial course, I thought. Just too many hairpin turns and lost speed...I prefer the Nation's course, but just my preference. If I was in a mass-start crit riding a road bike, that would have been a terrific course. Also, the potholes...OMG, the potholes...

Also wasn't a huge fan of the run (again, I prefer Nation's). Too many ankle-torquing 180s for my taste. Plus, maybe it was just me, but the mile markers were almost impossible to see...and when I lost GPS signal in the tunnel, I lost any sense of how far I had to go.

Exceptionally well-run event though...the awesome volunteers made the event for me.


ncrcoach's ravatar ncrcoach    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 1101
RE: Wash DC Triathlon: Open Thread
POSTED: 6/20/11 6:13 PM

A huge thanks to all of the volunteers over the weekend and and extra shout out to Carrie Campbell and Suzanne Pender for their hard work as they represented DC Tri.

To tell a short story that while I was body marking on Saturday, I bumped into three people with whom I used to train with. The world of triathlons is a small world and I am happy to be a part of it.

wmichaeljones's ravatar wmichaeljones    JOINED: 1/12/11    POSTS: 17
RE: Wash DC Triathlon: Open Thread
POSTED: 6/21/11 9:01 AM

This was my first tri this season (and only my second ever). I loved the course. Thought it was well organized and marked. I am now a major fan of the time-trial start!

I was most impressed with all the other DC Tri people cheering each other along on the course!

jtwomey    JOINED: 1/25/11    POSTS: 7
RE: Wash DC Triathlon: Open Thread
POSTED: 6/21/11 11:45 AM

to answer the question about the start. They lined up about 8 at a time on the dock, then we jumped in and were off. This was my first tri but it seemed to work.

Pashigian's ravatar Pashigian    JOINED: 3/11/11    POSTS: 26
RE: Wash DC Triathlon: Open Thread
POSTED: 6/21/11 11:51 AM

Had a blast with my first international distance Tri. Thanks to all the members who supported the race! I'm a new DC Tri Club member this year and looking forward to Nation's Tri.

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