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Two Female Roommates Needed
CREATED: 04/14/09 by mccannjl REPLIES:
mccannjl's ravatar mccannjl    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 216
Two Female Roommates Needed
POSTED: 4/14/09 8:43 PM

Posting for my lovely and charming 22-year old daughter who I can personally attest is a PLEASURE to live with, loves to clean and is organized and neat, too!

Two professional women looking for two other women to share a beautiful 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom artisan house in Crystal City. (It has a great backyard too!) My current roommate and I are laidback people, who love some good celeb gossip, a glass of wine and dance parties, hanging out with friends, and reading millions of books.

We would love to have 4 people set up ahead of time, before we put an offer in for a house, and if you are in the area and looking for a place, please let me know!

The price is about $860 + utilities

Deirdre McCann
mccanndj AT

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