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Wanted: Computrainer
CREATED: 05/30/13 by Lance140pt6 REPLIES: 1
Lance140pt6    JOINED: 12/2/11    POSTS: 38
Wanted: Computrainer
POSTED: 5/30/13 4:22 PM

Looking for slightly used computrainer preferably with new Computrainer software already loaded etc.

Please email with any offers


Kaygow    JOINED: 7/10/11    POSTS: 2
RE: Wanted: Computrainer
POSTED: 5/30/13 6:46 PM

Hi Lance, I have a brand new, never used, still in the box Computrainer that has been collecting dust for the last few months. It is the 2012 model so doesn't have the latest upload....make me an offer and it could be yours.

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