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Wilson Pool closed Wed 7/11
CREATED: 07/11/12 by kst718 REPLIES:
kst718's ravatar kst718    JOINED: 8/29/11    POSTS: 110
Wilson Pool closed Wed 7/11
POSTED: 7/11/12 1:50 PM

Breaking news- due to a pump malfunction, the Wilson pool is temporarily closed. If you plan on swimming there on Thursday, we recommend you call ahead: (202) 730-0583.


* Marie Reed pool in Adams Morgan is open until 8.
* Hains Point is closed on Wednesdays.
* Rumsey Pool (Eastern Market) is open in a 20 yd configuration, so you can practice math skills.
* Pacers Logan Circle is offering a 4 mile run + strength intervals (pushups, dips, etc.) starting at 7 PM. It's free and you can leave your bag there. (I'll be there!)
* National Harbor Open Water Swim tomorrow at 7 (remember, you get a free session as part of your Masters program!)

If you swim and want a workout:
400 choice warm up
6x50 w/:30 sec rest (25 heads up/25 swim)
6x50 w/:15 rest (breathe every 3 strokes & kick hard on wall for :15 seconds at the beginning of each 50, before you push off the wall)
6x50 w/:20 rest (descend stroke count 1-6!)
4x100 w/:15 rest (freestyle Swim)
400 swim, building to a fast final 100
100 cool down
*2200 Total*


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