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Angels Race - Lynchburg VA
CREATED: 04/28/14 by TDPrange REPLIES:
TDPrange's ravatar TDPrange    JOINED: 1/14/13    POSTS: 89
Angels Race - Lynchburg VA
POSTED: 4/28/14 7:37 PM

I did this even this past weekend. Angles Race is part of the Set Up Events series and is a Sprint Tri in Lynchburg, VA. While it is a little far for most people in this area to get to, I would highly recommend it. The event gets about 300 or so triathletes and is very beginner friendly. It also has a pool swim so it is one of the few races this early in the year that is guaranteed to get a swim in. The bike and run courses also have a couple of good hills (a couple of them are very steep) that can keep a more veteran triathlete interested. One thing that have not seen at a lot of other area triathlons was a pretty heavy contingent of collegiate triathlon clubs. The JMU team in particular really brought a lot of energy and spirit to the event. Having the college kids out on the course and cheering folks on really big impact on the event. That and they provided a pretty good ego boost when us old people managed to pass one on them.

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