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Housing - Please Help
CREATED: 03/29/10 by atorrey REPLIES:
atorrey    JOINED: 10/28/09    POSTS: 4
Housing - Please Help
POSTED: 3/29/10 4:32 PM

Hello fellow triathletes/triathlon enthusiasts,

Hi - My name is Alex, I'm a triathlete/young professional (econ analyst) from Athens, GA. I'm super excited to get involved with the club. I'm moving to DC April 19. I'm looking to rent a room somewhere in NW DC... I'm not very picky about location but it would be cool to have some nice running/a gym/pool near by.

It would be awesome to live with a tri buddy!

Please let me know if anyone is looking for a roommate or has a room to rent.

Thank you VERY much for your help guys! Happy training.


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