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New to DC... new to the USA!
CREATED: 05/01/11 by waimingloh REPLIES: 2
waimingloh    JOINED: 5/1/11    POSTS: 17
New to DC... new to the USA!
POSTED: 5/01/11 10:44 AM

Hi there everyone,

I thought I'd send a pre-emptive post as I'm coming to DC for the summer and have joined the club...

I'm from Scotland and live in London at the moment and I've somehow entered an Ironman in September. After reading about the club I'm hopeful of finding a load of others to train with, help motivate me, perhaps get some tips and hopefully make some friends along the way.

I'll be there with my girlfriend who is researching at the Library of Congress, though we're still looking for a place to stay so don't have an address yet. I'm a physiotherapist and have been doing triathlon/training for a couple of years now.

We arrive in DC late June/early July and I hope to hit the ground running (and cycling and swimming) with my training.

I look forward to hearing from you/meeting you.

All the best.

Wai Ming Loh

mosered's ravatar mosered    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 2217
RE: New to DC... new to the USA!
POSTED: 5/01/11 4:47 PM

Welcome aboard, Wai Ming.

If you need advice on where a triathlete should live in the DC area, just post here and you'll no doubt get a ton of advice from people knowledgeable about that subject.

waimingloh    JOINED: 5/1/11    POSTS: 17
RE: New to DC... new to the USA!
POSTED: 5/07/11 8:35 PM

Thanks for the reply,
we're trying to get a place right now, but it's not so easy! We're going through the process for a place in Hyattsville, which looks nice so fingers crossed.
I'm looking forward to meeting more people.

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